Let little piano learners play!

A magical combination of a children´s game, piano playing and a profound music education

Let little piano learners play!

A magical combination of a children´s game, piano playing and a profound music education

Step by step piano course through fun games

From the very first lesson, your kid starts playing motivating songs while being introduced to reading notes, understanding and feeling the rhythm, and discovering musical symbols. Following a classical music curriculum and combining it with playful games, pianini aims to expose children from the age of 4 to an exciting learning experience.

„I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns of music and all the arts are the key to learning.“

- Plato

Learning music on a fantastic journey

Music is an exciting adventure! With pianini, children between 4 and 9 learn independently, with personalized instructions and rapid learning progress.

Children do not need any reading skills to learn music with pianini. Because the inhabitants of pianini, Amadeus the musician and his friends, explain all the music and piano learning games to children step by step, providing help and individual corrections. Even if children play another musical instrument, they learn all about music, note reading, rhythm and musical symbols.

Start the magical journey now

pianini - the perfect solution for the musical growth of children

pianini - the playful path to music

pianini makes learning music more fun, interesting and accessible for young children. We´ve transformed music and piano practice into a fun game that helps kids learn music theory, rhythm training, ear training, and piano playing. pianini is the bridge between a fascinating children´s game and a comprehensive learning experience in classical music.

Our story

"When I opened my ´Kid´s Music Academy´ in Shanghai, I was looking for a piano teaching method that would fit our young students. However, my teaching staff and I didn´t find anything that made learning and practicing both easy and exciting for young children. So, over many years, I developed and refined my own approach. While the children had a lot of fun in piano lessons, practicing at home was still a challenge and many parents didn´t have the time, energy or musical knowledge to support learning at home.

So I looked for a way to motivate and guide students while practicing at home. The idea was to have the kids play the same fun musical games at home that they play in class."

Thus began pianini...

Maia Wiest (Founder)

pianini - the piano learning app for children

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