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pianini is a piano learning app for children (age 4-7), which they can operate on their own. All contents are spoken, no reading skills required. pianini includes games around piano playing, ear training, sight-reading, rhythm and music theory. Only for the piano playing game an actual piano is needed, all others can be played on tablet. Classes and features are added on an ongoing basis. For the piano game, the app works with any piano or keyboard - it listens to your child´s play and little Mozart gives instant individual feedback.
Be among the first to try pianini at home with your child and earn FREE subscription years for sending us qualified feedback! With your feedback on pianini you will help to shape now and in the future.
We are still developing piano and ear training areas, for now your child can have fun with Squirrel and Woodpecker.
Great to have you here! We are working on your tool which will help you to control a classroom between 1 - 30 students. For more information please sign-up here and stay informed
Our cartoon characters talk to your child and make sure that getting around and playing the games will be fun and exciting - the learning process happens all by itself.
Your child will find new lessons everytime that your tablet is connected to the internet for as long as you have a valid subscription. But the lessons just appear after the previous one has been finished successfully, just like in school :=)
Children starting from age 4 can handle pianini completely on their own. Of course it would be nice for your child to have your help the first few times when setting off to pianini, but after that you are not needed any longer. Our cartoon characters explain everything by speaking, they guide your little one through the different games and lessons. You can support your child by admiring the amount of rewards it got for doing things right.
The most important area of pianini is where Little Mozart practices piano with your child. But all other areas are covering general music topics such as sight reading, rhythm training, ear training and music theory. All those are needed as well for any other instrument. so yes, your dauhter could benefit a lot from using pianini even if she plays the violin and not piano.
There are two ways to use pianini with your iPad (latest iPadOs versions and the iPAds that run it) : 1. "real" / accoustic piano: Go to device settings - Privacy - Microphone. then find pianini app and enable access to mic. 2.E-piano/keyboard: use a MIDI adaptor - connect tablet with your piano.
When you are on the road and your child wants to keep playing a favorite game - it works also on the phone. But we recommend you to use the tablet in order to have the best experience. Parent profile functions are perfect to use in the smart phone.
iOS and Android - stay posted for new releases!
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