pianini is a piano learning app for children from 4 years to 9 years. By playing, children will learn and practice piano and music on their own. No reading skills are required, as all contents are spoken. pianini includes learning games around piano playing, ear training, sight-reading, rhythm and music theory. New learning chapters and app features are added on an ongoing basis. The piano learning games work easily with any simple piano or keyboard. The learning app listens to your child´s piano play. Our cartoon characters like Amadeus give instant individual feedback, easy to understand. All games except the games that require a piano or keyboard can easily be played on a tablet/smartphone - even when you`re on the road. A piano or keyboard is only needed for the piano playing games. If you don´t have a piano or keyboard or if your child learns a different music instrument we recommend our mukitoo app! https://www.mukitoo.app
A pianini learning account is available as a monthly subscription. pianini is completely ad-free and kid-friendly. Multiple children can get their own music learning profile through the same app account and also play with pianini on different devices at the same time. However, each child will need their own subscription. Please find our prices in our shop.
Once you have downloaded the pianini learning app, you can create a music learning profile for your child in the app. It is important that you indicate your child´s piano playing level so that the learning chapters are tailored to your child´s abilities. A pianini music learning account is available as monthly subscription. Before deciding on a subscription your child can try out the app for up to 7 days at no cost. All features will be available during this initial trial period and you do not need to provide any payment information. Each child needs to be registered with its own app account and will have its own individual music learning profile. This also means that each child needs an individual subscription. You can get a subscription via our website: 1-month 11,99$ The price on our website is the cheapest for you. pianini also offers a free version with limited features. Your child can play one round of lessons per week. For more fun and a more intense usage of the pianini music learning app a subscription is required.
More learning chapters and learning features will be added to the music learning app on an ongoing basis. Follow us and stay tuned about all learning app updates: Facebook
More learning chapters and learning features for your child will be added to the music learning app on an ongoing basis. For your child to find new music learning chapters is when your device is connected to the internet and as long as you have a valid subscription. However, the new music learning chapters only appear after the previous learning chapter has been finished successfully - just like in school children go through the music learning process step by step.
During the music learning progress our characters like Amadeus and Presto directly interact with your child. They make sure that the music learning journey is fun, easily understandable and exciting - which allows your child to learn at his*her own pace and discover the world of music independently.
You just need one app account to create a profile for several children. After that, you can track each child´s learning progress in the parents/teachers area of the app. However, you need an individual subscription for each child.
Great to have you here at pianini! As a teacher you can use the pianini learning app to let your students deepen the musical skills/knowledge at home. You only need to help children to set up the proper profile in the pianini learning app. You will be able to track their learning progress any time you want to. We are also working on a teacher cockpit, which will help you to use pianini in a classroom with up to 30 children. They can then learn music and practice piano using our learning games with headphones. Follow us on Facebook
The learning app is self-explaining and children can practice music and piano on their own using the pianini learning app. Presto and Amadeus, Mr. Beat and Lilly will help your students with the lessons and give them feedback. Therefore you don`t need to have any specific musical or piano skills. We are also working on a teacher cockpit, which will help you to use pianini in a classroom with up to 30 children. They can then learn music and practice piano using our learning games with headphones. Follow us on Facebook
In the pianini music learning app, you cannot simply delete your child´s learning progress. But beware: If you subsequently select a different entry level for your child than you did during the registration, you will be directed to the corresponding learning chapter with which your child starts again. All of your child´s learning progress in the app will be deleted then!
A pianini account is available as a monthly subscription. Several children playing at different times can get their own individual kids profile each via only one parent app account, though every child needs an individual subscription plan.
If your child wants to play piano, all you need is a tablet, the pianini app and a piano, that you can either buy or rent. (and of course Internet!) Amadeus, the magic elf, practices the piano with your child and you will see a fast progress in playing the piano and learning music theory. A piano teacher will help your child with more aspects of learning the piano.
Children around 5 years and older can usually play pianini on their own. We recommend that the first few times your child plays with the pianini learning app, you stand by for assistance if necessary. But after just a few learning games, your child will be able to complete learning chapters and practice playing the piano completely on his*her own. Our cartoon characters Amadeus, Mr. Beat, Lilly and Presto will explain new learning games to your child, guide through the different music learning chapters and help with any difficulties.
Theoretically, your child could learn to play the piano only with the pianini learning app by following the learning chapters step by step. However, we recommend you to also find a piano teacher and have your child take piano lessons with him*her on a regular basis. As piano teachers can pay attention to important aspects of learning the piano such as sitting and hand positioning. Most importantly, a weekly/biweekly of piano and music lesson will provide an additional motivation to practice music and a more structured learning to your child.
Currently the pianini learning app is suitable for beginners up to Grade 1 (ABRSM). More advanced learners will soon be able to practice up to Grade 2 . It will make it easier for your child to start his*her musical education if he*she begins it with the learning games in the pianini learning app. As with any special musical learning method, it is best to follow a path to learning music and instruments right from the start. Nevertheless, children at an advanced level of playing piano will still profit a lot from pianini, e.g. through learning new techniques for their music practice.
Your child can surely learn with the pianini app! The learning content and curriculum of the pianini learning app are ideal for children aged 4 and up. Furthermore, because pianini´s learning games are explained by speaking, your four-year-old will be able to independently play, understand, and enjoy learning and practicing music and piano with pianini.
Your child can definitely practice with pianini! We even know children age 12 who enjoy playing and practicing with pianini´s piano learning and music theory games.
Theoretically you can. The method underlying our music learning app has been used in lessons with adults. Everyone can learn playing piano with pianini. Maybe with pianini music learning app you can rediscover your inner musical child :)
In this case we would recommend you to try our mukitoo app. With the mukitoo app your child will play fun games and • gain musical knowledge and understanding • catch up with music theory • learn how to read music notes and symbols • read and play rhythm patterns • memorize notes and melodies and much more… Playing any instrument, these skills are needed.
Your child will first learn by completing learning games that will familiarize it with all of the elements of the upcoming song. Once each learning game on the path has been successfully passed, your child arrives at the top of the magical mountain. When entering this section of the app, your child will first drum, then color the music notes and then play piano (with your real or electronic piano. With pianini´s sound recognition system, while your child practices piano with a song, pianini will be able to determine whether or not your child is playing correctly. If something is not done correctly, Amadeus, the magical elf will provide instant feedback and suggestions on how to proceed correctly. By following pianini´s learning plan, you will soon see great improvement of your child´s piano playing skills.
The pianini app can be played on Apple (at least iOS 13), Android (at least Android 7) and Windows (at least Windows 7 + SP1) devices. Simply download pianini to your tablet or smart phone. We also recommend you to use pianini with (1) "real" / acoustic piano or an (2) E-piano/keyboard Soon you will be able to also connect a midi keyboard via midi adaptor with your tablet/smartphone. Stay tuned here: Facebook
Absolutely. Your child can (for a while) turn the piano learning games off by selecting the piano button on the island screen. Then the piano games are skipped and as soon as your child turns this feature back on, all those songs will appear again.
pianini is compatible with the vast majority of iOS, Android and Windows devices (minimum iOS 13/minimum Android 7/Windows 7 + SP1).
Yes! To access all of the music and piano learning content and save all of playing achievements, an internet connection is necessary. The use of WLAN or a data flat rate for playing pianini is recommended, as we regularly upload new learning content to the app.
Yes, you need a piano or keyboard. You do have the possibility to temporarily deselect the piano learning games if you are for example travelling and dont have a piano at hand.
pianini supports any piano or keyboard. However, for an acoustic musical instrument, make sure that the instrument is properly tuned. With keyboards, it is sometimes necessary to set the volume a little higher. Feel free to try different settings here, however, as mentioned, we recommend to pay attention to the volume setting. If you have any problems getting set up please contact us at hello@pianini.app.

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